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Bookkeeping for You & Taxes Too, Inc., in Beckley, WV, offers a wide range of options for your business type. The different types are listed below. Get started the right way, with professional bookkeeping designed to keep you organized and in compliance.

Get Started & Be Organized with Bookkeeping for You & Taxes Too

We can help you from the very beginning to set up your business, at a rate much less expensive than an attorney or other professional. Consult with us to review the best type of business for what you envision – whether it is a one-person operation, a group enterprise, or you have a larger corporation with subsidiaries in mind. Give us a call to get started the right way.

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Pricing for Professional Bookkeeping Services

We recognize each business, especially a newer one, needs to establish a track record of operations. There are many expenses to monitor. Let us help you by offering experienced support to help keep your business organized and your ledgers in order.

Our professional bookkeeping prices are offered on a three-month trial basis, and adjusted accordingly based on the number of data entries. Payroll will always be one of your biggest expenses.

*If you do your bookkeeping/payroll with us, your payroll forms are included in your monthly fees.
Bookkeeping for You & Taxes Too, Inc. can help you set up your business in Beckley, WV

Business Setup Services in West Virginia by Bookkeeping for You & Taxes Too

Bookkeeping for You & Taxes Too can help you set up your business. Choose which option best fits your needs. We walk you through the process, step-by-step, right in our office. We partner with several other businesses in the area. These partners can also help with your banking and insurance needs. Just let us know what you require.

Company types include:
Sole Proprietor
General Partnership
Limited Liability Corporation
  • SOLE PROPRIETOR: The company’s name is the owner’s name unless a DBA (”Doing Business As”) is filed. A DBA allows the individual to transact business under a different name (e.g., John Smith owns a construction company and files “d/b/a Smith Construction”).

    Sole proprietor status does not provide the liability protection and tax advantages of incorporating (unlimited liability). Operating as a sole proprietor does not require the same on-going compliance requirements of incorporating or forming an LLC.

  • GENERAL PARTNERSHIP: The company’s name is the owners’ names, unless a DBA is filed. The arrangement by which partners are conducting a business jointly have unlimited liability, which means their personal assets are liable to the partnership’s obligations.

    General partnership status does not provide limited liability protection for the personal assets of the owner(s). General partnership does not require the same, on-going compliance requirements of incorporating or forming an LLC.

  • CORPORATION or LLC: To operate as a Corporation or LLC, Articles of Incorporation (or, Article of Organization for LLC’s) need to be filed with the appropriate state agency.

    Corporation or LLC status protects personal assets. It is easier to raise capital with these types of designations. There is opportunity to gain credibility with potential customers/clients, vendors, partners, and employees. Corporations or LLCs may enjoy certain tax deductions that are not available to sole proprietors.

Types of Corporations:
Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)
  • Members are self-employed individuals
  • Members owe Social Security & Medicare taxes, paid by self-employment tax
C Corporation (C Corp)
  • Incorporating automatically makes you a C Corp
  • Separate legal entity set up under state law protects owner assets from creditor claims
  • Separate taxpayer identity with income and expenses taxed to the corporation and not owners
  • Can lead to double taxation
S Corporation (S Corp)
  • Profits, losses, and other taxes pass through the corporation and are reported on your personal return
  • No double taxation
  • Sharholders are employees of their corporation, so Social Security and Medicare taxes apply to wages they receive, but not to distributions

Important Business Expenses to Keep Track Of

Various purchases have to be made to operate a business. Some of these items are general purpose and can cover all businesses, such as computers or cleaning supplies. Other supplies, such as paint for a body shop, are business specific. The following is a general list of items you should bring to your bookkeeper on a monthly basis:

  • Rent or lease payments for your business location
  • Utility buills for your business location(If you have a home office, you will need the square footage of your home along with the square footage of your office space)
  • Maintenance/repairs on your business location
  • Purchases for the business(This includes purchases pertaining to the operation of the business – supplies, computer software, office supplies, etc.)
  • Equipment for the business(Any purchase of equipment deemed necessary for the business operation – e.g., lawn care business would need lawn mowers)
  • Licensing
  • Vehicle milage log(Miles used for business only. If the vehicles is in the corporation – for S Corporation & C Corporation only – all maintenance, gas/fuel, etc., as well as mileage log, must be kept)
  • Tires purchased for business equipment
  • Tolls & Parking Fees
  • Cost of goods purchased for resale, if applicable
  • Bank statements for your business account(s)
  • Credit card statements for your business-only purchases
  • Records of your out-of-town work(If you are out of town for more than one day at a time, keep a record of the number of days – include meal receipts)
  • Any expenses for advertising, accounting & bookkeeping
  • Security
  • All income & from what source
  • Employee applications for hired employees – as well as W-4 for each employee

We Help Keep Track of Your Transactions

We use Sage software to keep track of all your business transactions. It is a full-service program that allows you to be as detailed as you want in your records. We have a highly trained staff that data-enters your information and is available five days a week for assistance.

Our bookkeeping clients value the time that we save them by keeping track of their information. It allows them more time to conduct business. Take advantage of the professional bookkeeping services from anywhere in Beckley, WV region by calling Bookkeeping for You & Taxes Too.

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