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Important: Tax Season Runs January 15 through April 15 Each Year
(unless extended)

If you are having payroll-related problems, or just need extra help to take this chore off your own hands, Bookkeeping for You & Taxes Too is the place to call in the Beckley, WV region. We offer proficient, professional payroll processing that includes:
W-2 & FORM 1099
Bookkeeping for You offers payroll services in different price tiers, depending on your number of employees.
  • Prices begin at $75 per month and go up in increments
  • Bookkeeping prices are offered on a three-month trial basis, and adjusted accordingly based on the number of data entries

Payroll Services

Include Quarterly Reports for Business:
  • 941 Reports
  • State Unemployment Contribution Reports
  • State Withholding Reconciliations
  • Audits for Unemployment & for Workers’ Compensation
  • Prepare W-2s & W-3s for Your Payroll
  • Prepare 1099s
  • Do Your Yearly 940 Reports
    (Federal Unemployment Report)

We Provide Full Payroll Services:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly & monthly pay schedules
  • We can print your checks in our office, give you a stub statement & you write your own checks, or we now have the option of direct deposit
  • You receive a monthly total of your federal withholdings, social security & Medicare (941 report) & state withholdings so that you can stay on top of your payroll
  • We offer you the option of going online & paying all of your monthly tax payments that are linked straight to your payroll account. This frees you up to handle more pressing, day-to-day operations.
  • We can help you with prior-year problems with W-2s & W-3s
We can also help with the following types of tax payments, including estimated quarterly tax payments for:
  • Small businesses that flow to your personal returns
  • Retired individuals that need to make estimated tax payments for personal returns
  • Self-employment taxes
  • Additional taxes due on disbursements from retirement, IRAs, lottery winnings
For the most proficient payroll processing in the Beckley, WV area, call on Bookkeeping for You & Taxes Too.

Call us at (304) 256-6279