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Bookkeeping for You & Taxes Too is in business for individual and business clients who want to stay organized with the best-quality bookkeeping and tax services in the Hinton area of Summers County. Bookkeeping for You & Taxes Too serves the area of Hinton, WV and beyond with outstanding ways to keep your business and personal accounts organized. Our professionals work right with you to keep your ledgers up to date. Take advantage of our organization skills to keep your home or business ledgers in great shape!

Tax & Bookkeeping Experts in Summers County

Is your home or business in our Summers County service area? Bookkeeping for You & Taxes Too, Inc. is the place to call when you need trusted experts! Count on us for bookkeeping, tax preparation, payroll, and your exciting new business start-up! We serve clients from these and other cities and towns in Summers County:

Get Help for Tax Preparation in Hinton, WV

Businesses and individuals in the Hinton area of Summers County, WV, call on us to get assistance with filing all the required paperwork with the IRS for the annual tax season in Wyoming County, WV. Between January and mid-April is our heaviest time for tax return forms. Corporate clients in Hinton, WV are required to file tax returns on operation quarterly, and there are other expenses related to taxes and payroll that need to be processed. If you require assistance doing your tax return forms quarterly or annually, count on Bookkeeping for You & Taxes Too.

Summers County Bookkeeping
Accurate Accounts Receivable/Payable

The bookkeeping we do in Summers County is based on two basic principles. One is that every debit must have an equal credit. The second, all accounts must balance, follows from the first.

We ask that our customers keep these basic steps in mind about what the process of bookkeeping is. These steps help with budgeting and accounting processes to help you monitor your operations: 

  1. Analyzing financial transactions and assigning them to specific accounts
  2. Writing original journal entries that credit and debit the appropriate accounts
  3. Posting entries to ledger accounts
  4. Adjusting entries at the end of each accounting period

We Assist Deaf/HOH Clients in Summers County, WV

Bookkeeping for You & Taxes Too offers the support of Cindy Simmerman, our resident staff member serving the deaf community. She is trained and sensitive to the communication needs of persons who are hard of hearing. She strives to provide support so clients feel equally empowered. The excellence we provide extends to all our services, whether it is filing tax returns, maintaining ledgers, starting your new business, doing payroll, and more. Cindy uses American Sign Language and videophone conference to interact with clients in the Summers County, WV vicinity who get the most out of using this assistive technology.

Quarterly or Annual Tax Returns for Hix, WV Clients

Individuals and businesses in Hinton, Hix, Nimitz, and other local towns in Summers County count on the professionals at Bookkeeping for You & Taxes Too. We provide comprehensive tax returns for individuals filing personal tax returns, or corporations filing their quarterly forms with the IRS. Trust us to help keep you in compliance by making sure your quarterly or annual tax returns are prepared professionally and properly in Hinton, Hix, and Nimitz in Summers County, WV.

Business Start-Up & Payroll Services in Summers County, WV

If you are getting a new business underway in Summers County, it can feel like a difficult task. There are so many little things, and significant paperwork to be filed with the proper agencies. Let Bookkeeping for You & Taxes Too assist in getting your start-up going the right way. File for your corporate status and put payroll services in place that work for your Summers County business. Consider us your local, professional guru when you need help with starting your business in the Summers County, WV area.

If you need help with bookkeeping, just give us a call. 

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